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"Super-clean, attractive interface; great for journaling and pure writing "

I use FocusWriter along with about 5 other word processors. With modern machines, you can easily have multiple word processors for different writing purposes. I use FocusWriter when I want a very clean, very attractive interface that is as simple and clean as possible. It also auto-saves files so that you don't lose work, which is a must-have feature for all my word processors. Another great feature is sessions, and particularly that when you close FocusWriter and reopen it, it restores you to *exactly* where you were when it closed -- the very same files are open, and the cursor is exactly where it was when you closed it. It's amazing this is not a universal feature in word processors. It takes literaly two seconds to to close FocusWriter, reopen it, and keep typing wherever you left off. This makes it a great program for journaling.

  • reopens sessions exactly where you left off
  • auto-save; very clean, pleasing interface
  • only saves in TXT, RTF or ODT.
  • basic features; focus is on pure writing.

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28 Sep 2013

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